Landpower specializes in investment properties and Pre Construction Sales in the GTA. We work closely with developers and builders on prime land and properties to ensure that our clients have access to the best investment opportunities.

Landpower is a leader in integrated sales and marketing solutions for pre-construction real estate projects and have been the driving force behind the success of many real estate projects since 1998. We recognize the support needed by the realtor community in order to complete successful projects. Over the last 24 years, we have established a reputable name in our industry and a strong tie with local and out of town brokerages.

Being a long time Board member of the Chinese Real Estate Professional Society of Ontario, which is the largest Chinese Real Estate Association in Canada, we have direct access to a pool of over 3,500 active powerful sales persons. In addition, our network with local and overseas brokerages bring us a huge support on each and every project.

We also provide assistance to other realtors by holding information sessions, allowing for private sales events, monitoring sales and providing reports.

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Landpower is a member of many associations including: BILD, TREB, CREA, REIA, and CHBC